Arctic Kangaroos

2017-Jun-16, Friday 07:22
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Precis – A statblock for a fictional arctic kangaroo. Also includes new traits: Bounder, Macropod Tail, Snow-Walker, Cellulose Eater, Seasonal Camouflage.
There's no such thing as an Arctic kangaroo. Irregardless, I dreamed that a talking arctic kangaroo was knocking at my window at 6 AM in the predawn darkness, nagging me to go running with him. In the snow. To hell with that.

My amateur dream analysis is that I'm painfully Australian/Canadian, and I need to get out and exercise more.

Care of my slightly demented dreams, have a GURPS template for a talking Arctic kangaroo. This writeup owes a debt to the GURPS Animalia website by lwcamp/Pizard, but has been significantly modified.

Talking Arctic Kangaroo, 166 points
Traits marked with an * are listed below the template.

ST +3 [30]; DX +1 [20]; IQ -1 [-20]; Will +1 [5]; Perception +3 [15]
Advantages: Blunt Claws [3]; Bounder* [57]; DR 2 (Tough Skin, -40%) [6]; Discriminatory Smell [15]; Macropod Tail * [23]; Night Vision 4 [4]; Parabolic Hearing 2 [8]; Peripheral Vision [15]; Reduced Consumption 2 (Water Only, -50%) [2]; Sharp Teeth [1]; Snow-Walker * [6]; Temperature Tolerance 2 (Cold) [2]; Ultrahearing [5].
Perks: Cellulose Eater*; Fur; Seasonal Camouflage*.
Disadvantages: Bad Grip 1 (Doesn't Affect Climbing Rolls, -20%) [-4]; Bad Sight 4 (Motion Sensitive)* [-4]; Ham-Fisted 1 [-5]; Short Arms [-10]; Social Stigma (Valuable Property) [-10].
Quirks: Panic (Flight Instinct)*.

Bounder, 57 points
You move effortlessly overland on good terrain at high speeds, and can effortlessly make huge broad jumps. Note that a character using Bounding-granted Enhanced Move still has cornering and handling issues, even if they can accelerate to top speed instantly).
Enhanced Move 1 (Ground; Cosmic, Instantaneous Acceleration, +50%) [30]; Basic Move +3 [15]; Super Jump 1.5 (Horizontal Only, -25%) [12]. I allow half levels of Super Jump based on the precedent of Enhanced Move, which is another exponential-growth based movement trait.

Macropod Tail, 23 points
Crushing Striker (Clumsy, -1 to skill, -20%; Limited Arc, -40%; Long +1, +100%) [7]; Perfect Balance [15]; Perk: Tail acts as a fifth leg when crawling.

Snow-Walker, 6 points
Alternate Ability of Terrain Adaptation (Ice) and Terrain Adaptation (Snow). You don't use them at the same time, ergo they should be an AA. This has been suggested by Kromm/PK.

Bad Sight (Motion Sensitive), -1/level up to 10 levels
As per the GURPS Animalia house rule

Cellulose Eater perk
You're an omnivore that can eat anything a human can eat, and also you can eat grasses, twigs, lichen, and tree bark. They're not terribly nutritious, but you can get nutrition out of them. Yes, I know lichen isn't cellulose.

Seasonal Camouflage perk
You get a +1 to Camouflage skill to hide yourself, and to Stealth skill in your native environment; both bonuses only apply in the appropriate seasons. As a downside, you shed dramatically in the spring and fall.

Panic (Flight Instinct) quirk
As per the GURPS Animalia house rule. This is the quirk level of Panic, obviously.


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