2017-Feb-28, Tuesday

Mi Band 1 Day One

2017-Feb-28, Tuesday 00:05
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Following up on my hallucinatory athletic Kangaroos, I now have a fitness tracker. I've been calling it my UnFitBit, but it's actually a Mi Band X64 Sport. It arrived in the mail today, and the QR code for the app doesn't work any more.

For people trying to find the app for the Mi Band 1 (not the Mi Band 2!), the app is "getfit 2.0". Tethering the Mi Band to your phone via Bluetooth is difficult; it aggressively saves battery (which is good!) but this means the window for tethering after you push the "wake" button on the Mi Band is *tiny*. It's taken me an hour of jiggery pokery to get it to tether, but it has finally done so. If you're having trouble getting your Mi Band to Bluetooth tether, I have a few suggestions.

0) Preparation: Get a buddy. Fully charge the Mi Band.
1) Turn OFF your bluetooth and then restart your phone with Bluetooth off. Don't start any other apps when your phone starts.
2) Give your Mi Band to your buddy, get them to start clicking on the wake button every five or so seconds, to keep it lit up. Don't let them stop until you've got it tethered.
3) Start GetFit and when it asks to turn on Bluetooth, do so. Tether to the Mi Band, the PIN will be shown on your GetFit screen and is almost certainly 0.
4) Finish GetFit setup. Your Buddy can stop clicking on the Mi Band once the date and time updates to the correct date/time.
5) You're done!


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